A Esgrima Lusitana participou no evento Pop IN Lisboa, um evento que contou com a presença de 600 mulheres que aproveitaram para experimentar a Esgrima Lusitana, na componente de Bastão de Combate e Defesa Pessoal.

Pop In the City is an urban race, gathering between 400 and 700 women for a one-day touristic and athletic event in a city with a strong identity. It doesn’t have to be a capital, but just a city with personality. The event becomes an original experience and a new way to discover a city, whether you live there or just came for the Pop In event. With Pop In the City, we put forward women’s athletic and creative talents through surprising challenges all set up in unique places. On one full day, teams of 2 women with a city map and a roadbook will try and take up as many challenges as possible before crossing the finishing line. 30 challenges are divided into 5 categories: Culture, Art, Sport, Solidarity and Extreme. You can complete the challenges in any order. They remain secret until you get to them. No restrictions – you can ask passersby for direction, hitchhike or use public transportation. It’s your strategy that matters, not your physical performance!
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